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BC Group has established a full line of Biomedical Test Equipment under the name of  "BC Biomedical". This web page is a collaborative list of those items. Each link directs you to our online store for more information and to order directly online.


You can also download BC Biomedical manuals.


Defibrillator Analyzer Series

Digital Pressure Meters

Electrosurgical Unit Analyzers

Infusion Pump Analyzers

Lung Simulators

Multi-Gas Analyzer

Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Simulator Series

Patient Simulator Series

Pulse Oximetry Testing

Safety Analyzers

Tachometer Series

Ultrasound Leakage Testing

Ultrasound Wattmeters

Ventilator Analyzers





Blood Pressure Cables

Cardiac Output Cables

Chassis Cables

Communication Cables

External Resistors

Medical Gas Outlet Fitting Kit

Power Cables

Reflective Material

Soft-Sided Carrying Cases - Small, Medium, Large

Temperature Cables




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  >>  Anesthesia

  >>  BC Biomedical Line

  >>  Biomedical Misc.

  >>  Cable & LAN Testers

  >>  Defibrillator Analyzers

  >>  EMF Monitors

  >>  Environmental

  >>  ESU Analyzers

  >>  General Purpose

  >>  HVAC

  >>  Infusion Pump Testers

  >>  Leads & Probes

  >>  Medical Gas

  >>  Multimeters

  >>  Oscilloscopes

  >>  Oxygen Analyzers

  >>  Patient Simulators

  >>  Power Line Monitors

  >>  Pressure Meters & Gauges

  >>  Pulse Oximetry Simulators

  >>  Radiology

  >>  Respiratory

  >>  Safety Analyzers

  >>  Tachometers

  >>  Temperature & Humidity

  >>  Tools, Carts & Cases

  >>  Ultrasound & PT

  >>  Ultrasound Imaging

  >>  Vacuums

  >>  Weights


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