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BC Group has established a full line of Biomedical Test Equipment under the name of  "BC Biomedical".  This web page is a collaborative list of those items.  Each link directs you to our webstore for more information and to order directly online.


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NIBP Simulator Series- 

BC Biomedical NIBP-1000 Series

Patient Simulator Series- 

BC Biomedical PS-2000 Series


Safety Analyzers- 

BC Biomedical SA-2000 Series 


Defibrillator Analyzer 2006 Series (w/pacing)-

BC Biomedical's DA-2006P


Defibrillator Analyzer 2006 Series (w/o pacing)-

BC Biomedical's DA-2006










Infusion Pump Testers-

BC Biomedical IPA-1000 Series


Electro-Surgery Unit Analyzers-

BC Biomedical ESU-2000A


Digital Pressure Meters-

BC Biomedical DPM-2000 Series


Pulse Oximetry Simulator-

BC Biomedical SPO-2000


Pulse Oximetry Testing System-

BC Biomedical FingerSim


Ultrasound Power Meters (Analog)-

BC Biomedical USP-30  


Ultrasound Power Meters (Digital)-

BC Biomedical USP-100A


MaxiSim Multi-Parameter Simulator-

BC Biomedical MaxiSim




BC Biomedical Accessories:


Blood Pressure Cables-

  BC Biomedical's Line


Endoscopy System Testing Kit-

   EndoCheck Endoscopy System Testing Kit


Kelvin Cables-

  BC Biomedical Kelvin Cable


Medical Gas Outlet Fitting Kit-

  BC Biomedical Medical Gas Outlet Fitting Kit


Phototach Reflective Material-

BC Biomedical Phototach Reflective Strip Material


Precision Load Resistors-

  BC Biomedical Precision Load Resistors


Pulse Oximetry Module-

  BC Biomedical MSP-2100 Pulse Oximetry Module


Soft-Sided Carrying Cases-

BC Biomedical Soft Carrying Cases


Temperature Cables-

  BC Biomedical Temperature Cables




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